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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Weekend

                 We got a lot done this weekend.  And by "we", I mainly mean my husband. Saturday turned out to be a bust for our rummage sale adventure.  Two rummage sales in, my momma's car dropped both front half-shafts in some guy's driveway right outside Noblesville.  As luck would have it, he had a flatbed and offered to tow it home, and Wood hadn't left to go fishing yet with the boy so he camed and rescued me.  We ended up piling into my car but I didn't find nothing but a wok.  I got home and had somethings to do and it started pouring.  So I took my husband (who cut wood, mowed the yard, took the boy fishing, worked out in the garden, worked on laundry, and had the house clean...all while I was out running around) out for a nice steak dinner.  When we got home it had cleared up so we sat out back with the .22 and guarded our garden.  The rabbits have terrorized our garden this year.                   
          Sunday we went to Rural King so I could hand them half my paycheck and to the grocery.  When we got home I put chicken wire all around one of my gardens because the turkeys have decided to terrorize it.  We finally (duh) remembered we had some deer/rabbit fence leftover from last year and put it up completely around the big garden.  And I sprayed this organic rabbit repellent, but so far it hasn't deterred them.  Hopefully the fence and the spray will salvage what's left.  If we have to we'll replant and fill in somethings this weekend.  I also found some pretty plants cheap, so I "purtied" up around the house.

              Today I had to work but Wood stayed home.  He didn't have much to do at the shop and the boy got sick at school so he got a free day off.  I gotta say, my husband has never been home when I had to work for me to come home and find the house a mess and that he hasn't done anything all day.  I think he almost works harder when he is at home.  I couldn't have done any better than Wood.  He really is the best.  I came home and he had built my grape trellis!  It looks great, but it's kinda hard to see in this pic.

              He also planted about 10 trees today around here, worked on laundry, and he's making steaks, baked potatoes and asparagus on the grill.  He made a bunch of tomato cages too.  I am one lucky girl.

            The radar is showing we may get some storms this evening.  If we don't have rain by about 7 p.m. we'll water everything. 
           I always wanted some clematis growing on an old fence like my great mamaw had.  Now I got is good.

             Hope everyone has a good week.

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