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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gone Fishing

           It was a decent day to do a little fishing.  I had to be talked into it though, because it was only 60 degrees out and windy, and I'm of the opinion that anything cooler than 80 degrees is cold.

          I was bored at first.  I still didn't feel real great, it was cold, and I wasn't catching anything.  Doesn't matter that no one else had caught anything yet...

        Then Wood pulls out this bass.  

      And once I figured out that the boys had given me crappy bait, I made them put a rattletrap on mine and I caught this 20 pounder.  Okay, so maybe more like 1.2 ounces but it's my fish story!

    Then, I feel resistance on my line and I'm like, "Okay, this is either a decent fish or a whole lot of lakeweeds."  No!  I caught TWO on my line.  As cool as it was, it'll never happen again.

       Then Mason finally caught one.  

So here's the score, and I am really going to keep track.
        Wood: 2
        Mandy: 3
        Mason: 1

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