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Sunday, June 19, 2011

It Wasn't Supposed to Be a Lazy Weekend, But It Was

Well, the weather didn't cooperate with my big plans to get everything weeded this weekend.  Or much of anything else done outside.

Thursday night I cleaned this whole house top to bottom.  And, I made a good dinner for the first time all week.  I had been feeding these poor folks little league food all week.  That doesn't fly very long around here.

Friday after I got off work it was hotter than a cut monkey and after the long week we both had at work, we decided to take it easy.  And I mean easy.  I did a load of laundry or two but that was it.  It was too wet to weed or mow so we literally took a cooler and two lawn chairs out in the yard and sat.  The boy had a friend over and they caught a few frogs and skinned them.  I know, the fast life we're leading here.  Better slow down. LOL.

Saturday morning it was raining to beat all hell so we went to Rural King and then the grocery.  I bought me a new rattle-trap to try this weekend.  I ordered some more banjo minnows but they won't be in until the at least the 22nd.  It finally quit raining so me and the husband took the fridge out of the garage and cleaned it all out and under it to see if it starts working a little better.  So far, so good, but I'm a little nervous to put any meat in the freezer since we lost almost all our deer when it went out the last time.  Gosh, is it hunting season yet? I really need to get us a field target so I can practice some more.  And it's fun for the three of us to be out there blowing each other crap.  But anyhow.  Too wet to do much, but Wood did manage to fry up the frog legs for the boys to tray and get the yard mowed.  Me and the boy got a little bit of weeding done in the back garden.  Then we hung out and got some worms to go fishing today.

It rained last night but when the boy woke us up a 6 a.m., it seemed like it might be a clear day.  We went out and Wood started reeling in blue gill in left and right.  At one point he was fishing with three poles and looked at me and said, irritatedly, mind you, "Gosh, I can't get anything done they keep bitin' so fast!"  Aw, poor wittle baby!  I thought we might get stormed out for a minute but we didn't.  About the 7th time I cast my brand-new rattle-trap out the stupid line broke.  Gosh, that really ticks me off-brand new lure, and I lose it the first day.  After we got back I went and seen my mom and dad, then came home and cut coupons for what seemed like an eternity.  I still have to look at the ads. Momma's extreme-couponing-fever has finally wore off on me, as if I don't have enough hobbies and projects.  But hey, if it can save us money and help us build up our food storage, I'm all for it.  The problem is I've all ready been turning the idea around in my head that if I can save enough money I can put what I save back to take Wood and the boy to Real Foot next year to fish.  No wonder I can never get ahead. :)

This afternoon I got some things to finish up.  We made a big meal for Father's Day and had H. out.  Grilled chicken, pork n' beans, homemade cheddar garlic rolls, potato cakes and Scottish shortbread.  I guess that explains why I can't be around people who diet or count carbs.  I tried that Atkins diet once, and I swear I craved biscuits and gravy so bad I dreamt about them.  When it comes right down to it, I could be stick-thin, but you'd have to lock me in a cage or I'd attack people for biscuits and baked goods.  I would stalk the Amish.  It's an ugly thought, so for everyone around me's safety, I have to have carbs.  And fried food.  And gravy.  Any kind really.

By the way, Wood is killing me and the boy in the Great 2011 Fish-Off.  The boy did get honorable mention for biggest fish.

Always the first one to catch anything.  It's aggravating. 

His only catch of the day.  Ha! Ha!  I had to say that. Sorry.

"It's a bird, it's a plane, its....."

...a turtle.  Nice try yelling, "I think I got something huge!"

This picture won't win me any awards.  Why am I staring at this fish like I just hit the lottery?  I am SUCH a dork.  And it really is helped by the just-rolled-out-of-bed-to-go-fishing-and-no-make-up look I was aiming for.  Next time I will put in the effort not to look so gosh-darn excited over a large goldfish.

Today's Standings:
Wood: 15 + a turtle
Mandy: 4
Mason: 1


  1. Mandy love your stories! Like you at the Barn Hop.

  2. Aww!! Thanks for reading!!