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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Little Herb Garden That Barely Could...

          I cut some of the first herbs we ever had Sunday.  It felt more like winning the Daytona 500.  I really was beginning to worry about these fellas.  But, come Sunday night I had fresh basil for our bruschetta.  OMG.  The difference was remarkable.  Some of the pots of herbs are looking a little rough, because in Indiana it's cold and wet all spring, then summer is fire and brimstone without a drop of rain. 
            I am trying to not bite my nails over this herb garden.  In the dreamy stupor that is planning your garden when there's 4 foot of snow and ice outside, I had visions of how fan-freaking-tastic my little herb patch would be.  It's lacking some luster in the light of day though.  I had visions of sprigs of dried herbs in pretty Ball jars (I'm a very visual person, you'll get that I'm sure) lines up on the pantry.  I had daydreams of making my own tea.  It's kinda looking now like if I get some basil to make pesto and bruschetta and some cilantro for salsa, it'll be a red-letter summer.  Oh well.  As I say every summer, "Maybe next year..."
           How's everyone else's garden doing in this 100 index heat and no rain?

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