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Sunday, June 26, 2011

What We Did This Weekend...or What We Did Instead of What We Needed to Do Because I Wanted to Go Fishing

  • I worked at my job 10 hours and it was a rough day. 
  • Got home, picked the house up.
  • When my husband got home, we went on a "date" to Rural King to get feed for the chickens, Wal-Mart so I could be a new fishing pole (and some Beetle Spins...yes, I already lost one), and to Kroger so I could "extreme coupon" then spend 20 minutes telling the cashier what her company's policy is regarding double coupons only to have her say, "I'm not doing it."
  • Fumed all the way home and called my mom and whined about the cashier not doubling my coupons.
  • Searched for the receipt from Kroger so I could call the manager in the morning for 30 minutes and gave up.
  • Made my wonderful husband Spaghettio's for dinner. (Nothing but first class here.)
  • Played the John Deere game on the computer.
  • Did some laundry.
  • Watched the Outdoor Channel until 11 p.m. which is the latest I have been awake in at least a year or two.
  • Took my baby Dozer to the vet which took almost 2 hours and over $100. Ouch.
  • Mowed my yard while Wood rototilled and weeded the gardens.
  • Weeded some more.
  • Weeded some more.
  • Finally said to heck with working and went fishing.
  • Didn't do well.  Lost a beetle spin, caught Wood's rapala in a tree.
  • Came home and made dinner.
  • Ate dinner. It was so good.
  • Watched the Outdoor Channel again until 12 p.m. (Wow!)
  • Got up, made us a ham and egg biscuit and took off to fish.
  • Lost NO lures today. (High-fives self)
  • I caught 2 little blue gill, Wood caught 12.  (It's really ridiculous.  I'm going to google him later and see if he was ever one the Pro fishing circuit.)
  • Came home and cleaned up my husband's truck.  It took 2 hours.
  • Weeded some more! (Fun times!  I can feel the envy radiating off you!)
  • Helped Wood clean the turtle.  (I'll post about this later.)
  • Picked the boy up.
  • Cleaned my house up.
  • Doing laundry and half-assed cooking dinner.  Mostly I start it, Woody makes sure I don't burn it.
  • Gave the dog a bath.  Why is it every time you take your animals to the vet they reek?  I love my dog/horse, but I can't let him near me smelling like that.  He usually smells like sunshine.  He smelled like urine that someone had tried to mask.  It's hard to be a loving mom when your four-legged kid smells like a urinal. 
  • More weeding! (Maybe...)
  • Cutting coupons and looking at the sale ads.
  • Watching "Over the Top", which my husband says is about arm wrestling and is a great movie.  Why I need to watch a movie about arm wrestling is beyond me.  Maybe he feels like I'm the Karate Kid of arm wrestling and he's the old Chinese man and is going to make me train and take down the arm wrestling champion of the world.  I sincerely hope not.  I have a bad shoulder.  I don't like to lose.  I think arm wrestling is mildly stupid. 
  • Try to remember that all I have to do is make it through the next five days of purgatory and then the holy 3-day weekend.

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