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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Homemade Archery Target

Since all 3 of us shoot, an averaged-priced archery target lasts us less than a season.  We were going to buy a top-dollar one this year, you know, the ones on the Outdoor Channel that swear you can shoot them with broadheads year after year without them wearing out?  Yeah, well, they are upwards of $100 and we just can't spend that kinda money on an archery target right now.  So we did what every redneck does...we got on youtube and looked up "cheap archery target."

What my husband ended up doing was taking a bunch of old clothes without buttons, zippers, etc. and got a cardboard box and stuffed them in real good so it is really stuffed.  Believe it or not, it stops your arrows dead and they are easy to pull out.  Good, cheap way to practice!

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