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Monday, July 4, 2011

"They say a turkle has seven kinds of meat, but I just put it all together." Part II

At this point, you want to get the meat out of the neck.  The title referring to the fact that a turtle has seven kinds of meat, is true.  The white stuff in my husbands left hand that looks like mucus, is one kind.  It's called, "There's-no-way-in-hell-I'm-eating-that."  And I won't.  I don't believe in wasting food, but anything that looks like that and has the consistency of thick mucus is not going in my mouth.  I will only eat what looks like meat.  Sorry, but its true.  So anyhow, you get the meat off the neck, just like any other animal.  I feel at this point I should tell you that the darn turtle is still moving and trying to fight.  I know, science fiction.  I'd feel terrible if you somehow looked at this poor how-to and butchered a turtle and got so freaked out you had bad dreams.  I kinda did. 

Once you get to this part it is pretty much like cleaning any other animal.  It't pretty self explanatory.

Anything you don't want to eat or will not eat or doesn't look like you should eat it goes in the bucket.  About 10 minutes in, I thought we should throw the whole stupid turtle in the bucket and go butcher a chicken instead.  That I can deal with.  Those 'ping-pong' things are eggs.  She was loaded with them.  I was okay with it until Wood pulled them out and I swear to goodness they come out like those sausages that are strung together.  And they bounce like ping-pong balls.  This is where I swore Mason could never leave again and me have to help.

This is what you get.  You then can proceed to cut this up into what ever bits you want.  Give it a quick rinse or freeze it or cook it.  We just froze our's for now, but when he cooks it I'll share how he does it.  I say it like that because it won't get cooked until he does it.  I don't cook turtle.  I never have, and he does a fine job.

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