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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This week, I am canning our dried beans.  At the time, I figured it was easier to store them dry, but after about the millionth time of wanting to make something and being hindered by them not being soaked, I bit the bullet.  When I got up for work at 3:30 this morning, I put a big pot on to soak while I was at work.  Now, I'm in the process of canning them.  Doing Northerns tonight and maybe kidney Friday, pinto on Saturday.  I know, you are jealous because I'm an exciting person.  You know you are livin' the fast life when your New Year's Eve plans consist of figuring out what type of beans you are going to can and trying to figure out if you really want to spend the entire weekend out in the woods since it's the last weekend of deer season. 

Real Housewives of Henry County...oh yeah.


  1. I have no problem with dried beans. They cook up fast however I discovered a secret to cooking beans. If you have hard water your beans will either take forever to cook or will never really get soft. So I use distilled water. I bring the beans to a boil then let them set for about an hour. In that time I cut chop and arrange the rest of the ingredients for the recipe that I am
    making. Buy that time the beans are ready to be completed and cook about two hours for soup and chili. Canned beans would be great for when you need re-fried really quick though. I am planning on posting a recipe for a white Chili on my blog soon. The kids loved it.

  2. Shhh....I'm about to let you in on a secret...I love to can. And our water is so hard here (even with a water softner) it's ridiculous. LOL. At times, it seems worse, like in the spring. Softener salt costs us a small fortune.

  3. Well I just buy enough distilled to cook beans and make my lavender sprays for my soap biz. Otherwise I think hard water is good for you. All the minerals and stuff. I have read that water filtered by reverse osmosis is actually bad for you because if you don't get some of those minerals your body will rob them from your bones. Go figure. And if you are one of those that buys drinking water it usually says filtered with added minerals.