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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Excitement +

I have a new follower, Warlock Sundance.  Word of warning, this is kind of an everything-blog.  I may be ranting one day, canning the next.  Welcome:)

Oh, my life just gets more and more exciting every gosh darn day.  My adventure today was super special.  I had a meeting at work and I only had 15 minutes until said meeting, so I was looking at puzzle keepers online.  Not exactly what they want me to do, but I figure all the money they save underpaying me I can waste 15 minutes once a month or so. Yeah, you heard me.  It's this mat-thingy you can work puzzles on then roll it up to work on later.  There's not a spare surface in this entire house (with the exception of the toilet lid, most days) that I can leave something as frivolous as a puzzle on for any more than say, five minutes?  Anyhow, I found one at and it said it was in-stock at my store and I could pick it up.  So, my 27-year-old-going-on-88-year-old-ass rushes from work to the Walmart only to be told they don't have it.  Being that I was already there, (Interjection:  I know, I know...Walmart is the devil.  But newsflash, folks: I'm in INDIANA.  The only other thing is Meijer.  And Target.  And they are pretty much the exact same thing) I couldn't leave empty-handed, so I grabbed two packages of regular Ball lids and a puzzle.  I was needing wide-mouth jars, but as the store clerk informed me, they only carry novelty items seasonally.  WTF?  Novelty ?  I about died laughing.  I'm glad the people at Walmart think its novel that I am trying to can all these beans and not let out a string of four-letter words in the process of getting them back out of the jar.  (Another side-note:  I've been told, on occasion, that I "can string four-letter words together classier than anybody.")

Driving home today, I was thinking about our big plans for this holiday weekend.  Hunting, canning, doing a puzzle, finishing up this blasted cross stitch I've been working on going on two years and maybe cutting wood.  I know, I know, this kinda livin' will get me killed and all that.  I don't know when I got so exciting.  Maybe it was between putting myself through college up to working 40+ weeks then trying to keep this place in some semblance of order, which is a feat in itself with 2 dogs, a teenager and a husband running himself ragged.

I was also laughing to myself, because all in all, if this life lands me up in a nursing home, I could probably stay pretty content, you know, between putting puzzles together and cross stitching, just as long as someone comes by once a week to bring me a fifth of Woodford and a carton of Marlboros.  And Holy Lord, please don't make me listen to Big Band.  That right there is a deal-breaker.


  1. Don't know if you have this in Indiana(?) but you can put an ad on craig's list or on freecycle. Out here in the northwest we have freecycle (preceded by the name of where you live such as Whidbeyfreecycle) where people can post wanted and free stuff to other people. Keeps the stuff out of the landfill and you would be amazed at how much stuff is just sitting in other peoples houses that they would love to get rid of or exchange for something.

  2. We have craigslist, but it makes me nervous. I don't like a bunch of random folks coming out to the house for two reasons: One, I was robbed before and it makes me a wreck to think of that ever happening again, and second, Dozer is 200 pounds and not fond of strangers. But I definitely need to get over it and post the, oh I don't know, 100 things that need to get out of this house to make room. We don't have freecycle, I wonder how we could get it around here? I know lots of people who would use it!