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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm still alive

Wow! It's been months!  Sorry for's been a really busy end of summer/fall/beginning of winter. 

The boy was in football and played JV and varsity, so...we were at 2 games a week and had to go get him from practice 6 days a week.

I also got a promotion so that has kept me SUPER busy.  But I love what I do.

The garden was pathetic this year...I call do over!  The weather was horrible, and we tried something new of planting everything in square plots instead of rows that we could till between.  Omigosh.  I would literally spend 6-8 hours a week just weeding.  And the yield was awful!  I also have a horrible habit in the dead of winter looking at every seed catalogue anyone sends me and ordering everything, whether it grows well here, we eat it regularly or it can be put by.  Wood has revoked my seed ordering privileges.  In the winter I have waayyy more enthusiasm and energy to garden than in the summer.  That being said, instead of continuing my futile quest to grow or make everything we eat, I've just got to let that go.  With both of us working 40+ hours a week and running the boy around and spending time with the dogs, it's just not possible.  SO next summer, only things we really do eat and can put by.

It's been kind of a rough Fall for me.  I had to let some dreams go and find new ones.  The new dream being I am going to save up for my husband and I to go overseas on a pretty big vacation.  I was lucky enough young to start my career at a job that doesn't put my young age into account, but my ability, so I have plenty of vacation time to do this.  We're (read: I) thinking about spending some time in England then from there Ireland and Scotland.  I can't wait.

And last but by far the best thing to come of this year, my new baby.  Petey is a Boston Terrier and is a playful, ornery mess.  I love this dog so much.  And Dozer's getting pretty fond of him, too.

I'm back!

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