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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fabric Softener Recipe

I tried it, and I have to say, it really does a good job of removing odors and soap residue from clothes.  And they look brighter!

I mix mine in a 10 quart bucket, then transfered them to Mason jars because I had a couple different scents and momma didn't know what she wanted for sure.

I highly recommend doing this in a mop bucket.  I bought a new 10 quart one and it worked perfect for a decent batch.  It's so quick it was easy to do 2 batches.

Homemade fabric softener recipe!
1/2 cup baking soda (bicarbonate soda :)
3 cups white distilled vinegar
4 cups water
Essential oil of your choice

Add 1 cup plus 1/2 cup baking soda to bucket.

Add the vinegar slowly.

Then add the 3 other cups of water.

After it's settled (you will see what I mean), you can add essential oils to your own preference.

You can either add it to the softener doo-dad on your washer (I'd clean it out first) or use a Downy ball.


  1. MDR- NO problem!

    P.S. - A quick note...I was terrified this would smell like vinegar, but even leaving out the essential oils it doesn't!
    P.S.S - I tried Juniper Berry, Peppermint, Lemon and Orange essential oils first, because I figured they were scents I could use in my other cleaners if I wanted. Juniper berry isn't for everyone, it's kinda woodsy. If you would rather, carries essential oils that smell like a lot of things from Bath & Body Works!
    P.S.S.S - I totally ordered Juniper Breeze and Cotton Blossom to use next!

  2. Thanks for this. Give it a try.