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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guess Who Got the Camera Back Since Deer Season is Over...

My lil Pete-Pete hiding because he knows he did something ornery.

I've been "working" on this gosh darn thing for 2 years.  It will be done this month then I can start the other monster I started over 2 years ago.
My other baby who at his lightest when we brought him home was 32 pounds.  He's my big bear.
I straighten the pictures and embroidery out at least every other day.  What was I thinking hanging all that stuff there with a teenager running up and down the stairs daily?

This is totally what I made for Sunday dinner, along with deviled eggs.  Eat your heart out, Jared.
Petey helping his momma with laundry.  (Only by being so darn cute it makes doing laundry more bearable.

My modest enamelware collection that hopefully will be getting added to a couple Saturday's from now.  I got a hot day of flea marketing and antiquing planned with Momma.

My guys are wore out from watching football.


  1. As far as living things are rated, dogs are number one. Now, you are forcing me to write about mine...Coming soon!

  2. I couldn't imagine my life with out Dozer and Petey. I feel sorry for folks that have never known the love of a dog. It's the epitome of unconditional love. I prefer them to most people. I've never had my feelings hurt, felt unwanted or been lied to by my dogs. They are number one.