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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! (Plus almost 9 hours) + A new follower

Tennessee 2009.  This is the last picture with all of us in it, because none of us sit still usually long enough.

Happy New Year!  For the third year in a row I was asleep when the ball dropped and we sure as heck didn't get very far on the puzzle we started on Friday.  Oh well.

I want to say welcome to my newest follower johnnybgood.  I read his blog "The Simple Life", go on over and check it out.  I'll answer anything, and I'm humbled to have you as a follower.  :)

I tried to stay up but I have been feeling under the weather some, so I gave up about 10 p.m. after watching IU beat Ohio State then about 2 hours of Moonshiners.  I love that show.

I slept in til 8:15 this morning.  No more deer hunting.  Which is alright with me, considering it's looking rather mean out and there isn't nothing stopping the wind but Ohio at this point.  The news said they have hail in Avon.  When Wood got back up to the house he even made me move my car.  I don't panic or worry until Wood worries.  He hardly ever gets worked up, and where I have a tendency of panicking, it just works out better for all involved if I don't worry until he does.  Otherwise I'd have an ulcer the size of Texas.

The boys stayed up until about 7:30 this morning.  I couldn't stay up that long if my life depended on it.

Oh Lord, now it's hailing here!  What is up with this weather?  Usually this time of year it's so cold it hurts and we have had anywhere from 6-8 inches of snow and I think we are at less than an inch.

Well, I hope this year is good for everybody.  I know last year wasn't the best for us here.  In January, I had to have 5 wisdom teeth out (yes, 5!), then a week later I got in a pretty bad accident on the interstate coming home from work that totaled my car.  Our insurance decided not to total it, even though the entire frame was bent and ended up spending about $3000 more than the car was even worth to fix it.  Then at the end of February, we lost my Papaw unexpectedly, which was especially hard on my dad.  My other grandparents  were in and out of the hospital all year, too.  My job was insane this entire year, I got promoted twice, though, so thank God for blessings.  And the weather and the garden was terrible.  I am hoping for a better year for sure.

We don't set goal on a yearly basis.  The things we want to accomplish depend on time and resources.  What gets done, gets done and we are thankful when things work out.  The only true goal I have this year is to enjoy it.  I am hoping to go to a heck of a lot more flea markets and rummage sales with my momma, maybe finally get a deer, and we always hope for a good garden and a pantry full of home-canned goods. I'm going to try and make time for my painting, too.  I hope the boy continues to excel with his school work and football, and I hope I don't mess up too bad where he is concerned.  I love that kid to pieces and I just want him to be the best he can be.

Today, I am going to relax, watch the Titans play, and work on my cross stitch.

I hope ya'll can relax with your loved ones today, too.  From our dysfunctional family to yours, Happy New Years!

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  1. Happy to make your acquaintance. Neat blog site you have and enjoy the posts.

    We had bad wind here yesterday. We don't even have Ohio to stop it here. Just barbed wire fences, and that lets a lot by!

    Have a good year!!