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Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Just Put It Out There"

With everything going on in the world, I believe everyone should know where they stand on darn near everything.  In saying that, here's a few things I believe.  Feel free to disagree...a lot of people do.  I think every politician should have to post something similar to this only with solutions.  I think it would encourage more people to vote if each nominee put out a FAQ sheet, if you will.
1.  Abortion - I don't think it's right, but what I find more wrong is someone telling anybody what they can and can't do to their body.  Some people say it's okay if it medically necessary, some people say even rape victims should have to carry the child.  Mandy Farmer says you mind your business, and I'll tend to mine.

2.  Gun Control -  I decide when, where, and why I protect my family.  When someone really thinks they can tell me I don't have the right to protect my family, I think that person should have to watch their home being broken into and their children hurt right in front of them and then tell me about gun control.  Anyone who tells you they don't believe we should have the right to bear arms after going through something like that should be committed to a state institution.

3.  Health Care -  Should everyone have insurance?  Yes, if they want it.  It should be affordable. And by affordable, I don't mean on a U.S. senator's income.  I mean on a regular income.  If you want to fix health care, the problem lies in a big way with insurance companies.  I'm a nurse, and I see it everyday and it makes me ill.  They want you to pay your premiums, but then they don't want to pay when something happens.  It's frankly bull shit and I believe that should be fixed first and foremost.  And having the government controlling health care is not a solution.  I think they've made enough of a mess of everything else so far, what about you?

4.  Elections - This is where I put myself way out there.  I don't understand in this day in age, with all the technology we have, why on God's green earth we have an electoral college.  The whole thing reeks of dishonesty.  Tally the votes, one with the most wins.  It's not that hard.

5.  Telling Your Representative How to Vote -  Another thing I don't understand.  PAC's have money, and as my momma says, "Money talks, bullshit walks."  I don't have money to throw at my representative to make him vote the right way.  Again, in this day in age, we could all get on our computers, vote on the issues, then, the rep. can vote based on majority. I gladly would spend hours weekly voting if I thought it would make our world a better place. I have emailed, wrote and called our reps so much that at one point in time, they blocked my IP address.  Nice try, I have access to at least 15 computers.  I voted for you, now you listen to me.  If you don't want to do that, go and do something else.

6.  PACs - Get them the hell out of Washington, please.  It's all big business and self-interest.  

7.  Illegal Immigration - If you aren't supposed to be in this country, get out.  I don't care who you are, what your excuse is, get out.  I don't care if you have a child that was born here, get out.  If I went to your country, I'd not be given food stamps, health insurance, and government housing.  I'd be given a jumpsuit and a cell.

8.  Foreign Oil - Why would you let a country like Iraq or Iran have you by the throat?  Hmmm....

9.  Taxes - It's absurd that the biggest corporations in America get tax breaks and we stress every year worried about what we are going to owe on top of what we have already paid in.  Small business is the worst, my husband owns his own business.  If the government would get their hands out of  everything and allow free market, the world would be better.  Big businesses don't want to pay taxes?  Too bad.

10.  Food - If I get caught buying or selling raw milk, I go to jail.  But you can go through a drive through and eat all kinds of crap and that is okay.  For food safety, how about this:  you let me eat what I want to eat, and I will release you from being responsible for me.  If I want to buy chicken and milk from my neighbor, you need to let me do it without fear of going to jail and paying fines.  I'll even sign a release.  And another thing, that bill that they have been trying to pass that enables them to tax your vegetables, etc?  Just kill that already.  Take that time and energy and bring down Monsanto.  The government already boo-booed by letting them patent life.  Why?  Because the ex-CEO of Monsanto works for the government now.

11.  Freedom of Religion - If I want to pray in public, I should be allowed.  I wish to heavens they would stop trying to take God out of everything.  If I have to be tolerant of the Jehovah Witness' that harass me every single summer, everyone else should be tolerant of God being on our money.  This country was founded on fundamentals of Christianity.  If you don't like it, leave.

12.  Support Our Troops - Desperate Housewives.

13.  Retirement and Social Security - I've not taken any finance classes, but here's an idea for ya: take the money that each individual pays in and put that aside in a CD or something and leave it alone.  If you put money away and don't touch it, you don't end up with a trillion dollar deficit.  Same goes for spending what you don't got.  Also, I think it's ridiculous that Congress people and the president get paid after their term is over for the rest of their lives.  And it's a lot of money.  Why don't they get the same treatment we do?  If I worked for 4 years, I wouldn't continue to make that salary until I die, even after the 4 years.  I would be S.O.L.  And quite frankly, it doesn't seem like they deserve what they are making while they are in office, so stop paying them when they are out of office golfing, please.  Here's a way to save some cold hard cash.

14.  Gay Marriage - I don't see why we waste precious time arguing this.  I say let them get married.  I don't believe in divorce, so does that mean we should outlaw it? No, it doesn't.  I tell you what, you can tell people they can't get married when you can tell people they aren't allowed to get a divorce.


  1. Great post! I agree with you on every point. Well said.

    1. Thanks. I really didn't figure anyone would agree with me on any point, but it's nice to know there are those who agree with me. :)

  2. Amen Girl! We agree on about 99% of everything. Especially that health care thing. I am a grama raising my granddaughter (for the last 13 years +) and 25% of my income goes to health care insurance just for me. I just had a check up and now have a bill for $400. Ya they paid most of it but that $400 is my grocery money for the month. Now it will go on a credit card so that I can make payments and pay my credit union interest. This is exactly why I waited 6 years to do that checkup.
    Gay marriage? Why not. It's no one else business. But let me marry the guy in my life without jeopardizing the social security that I spent 27 years building up. In Washington State you can have a domestic partner if you are gay or 62 years old. Having a registered domestic partner gives you all the rights of a married couple including health insurance and if you are 62 you can have a domestic partner without impacting your social security. Well I have a few years before that can happen. Unless of course I decide to be gay.

    1. I have to agree with you on the marriage and social security bit. I feel like they owe it to you regardless, so why penalize you for getting married? We do the same thing with doctors appointments, we have to be knocking on death's door to go because it puts us so far in the hole.

  3. I agree with almost everything you said. I am a bit opinionated myself which I think is good. I am not one that follows because someone says I should. I have always been one to think for myself which tends to make me not such a popular person. I am ok with that.

    My opinion on insurance is... Insurance legalized theft. As my wife says, "Doctors are no longer able to practice medicine. They practice insurance." If insurance doesn't pay then you don't get what you need. My wife was a lay midwife for the state of Texas for close to 20 years and a CMA who worked in a doctor's office for over 10 years.

    My parents are those who believe big business should get those tax breaks then blames the government when they don't get them for the companies moving to another country. I say if we stop supporting the companies who don't support us then they will shape up or ship out.

    Freedom of Religion. I believe everyone should have the right to pray. I don't believe that America was founded on Christian values. I believe America was founded on freedom of religion since many many people were escaping persecution in their countries. I don't feel it is right to persecute anyone for their beliefs so long as they do not harm another. I have been blessed to meet many people of various faiths and believe in the over all view of things we are all working towards the same goals. That is except for the radicals that can be found in any faith. They are the ones that give the different faiths/religions a bad name. Bottom line for me in the way I believe, The is one body of water yet many oceans.

    As for gay marriage. We believe that marriage is between the two people and God/Higher Power. My wife and I married in May of 1999. We raised some wonderful children together and we have grandchildren. We were active in the Boy Scouts of America and have to Eagle Scouts as a result as well as we have helped many boys reach the rank of Eagle.

    We don't need the government to bless our marriage however the rights that go along with it would be nice. It would be nice to know that someone couldn't keep us apart during our time of need would be nice as well as the tax breaks married couples get.

    Ok, I can probably rant on however I won't. It was nice ranting with you though.


    1. Genevieve is what I love about this blog. In my little blog community people treat people with respect even while disagreeing with you, and cheer you on through your failures.

      You are right that insurance is theft. Jeminy Christmas, how right you are. I see it every gosh darn day.

      I agree with you on marriage, and I stand corrected on on my "U.S. is founded on Christian principles." When I said that I was referring to the Puritanical Colonies of the Jamestown-era.

      I like the shape up or shape out idea. Eventually the ingenuity of the American people would overcome all obstacles.

  4. Oh, I neglected to mention my thoughts on Monsanto. To keep it brief, THEY ARE KILLING US AND WE ARE LETTING THEM. Enough said. ;)

    Sometimes it just takes a good rant to make one feel better. If it bottles up inside it just festers. Let it go and be free Mandy! - Genevieve

  5. Check this out:

    1. I read something about this, I'm not sure where...I read a lot. This is why I get so upset when people just blindly feed children the crap. If its okay with you I'd like to post this to the blog.

  6. Go for it! With my wife's experience and mine as a massage therapist we try to educate ourselves and those around us. People should not blindly trust because someone claims to be experts. They too need to educate themselves and ask questions. Most importantly KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD COME FROM. I finally watched Food Inc. yesterday. Wow, very sobering. Even for someone like me who know things are not right.


    1. That movie honestly changed my life! I'll definitely post it!