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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Something New In The Works

I've been trying for years to convince my husband that we should just pack up and buy a farm down south. 

Yesterday, he finally got mad enough he was looking at real estate and farms down south when I got home.

"After the boy graduates we'll just pack up and go."

Sounds good to me, as long as I don't think too much about both of us finding jobs relatively close to where ever home will be then.

It just makes more sense for us right now.  For what we pay a month now, we could have a way bigger farm down south.  As it stands right now, we are hindered by all kinds of things going on at once.  Our original plan isn't looking so healthy right now, and truth be told, after seeing all sides to it, I don't think it's what is going to be best for us.  Would we like to stick to the original plan?  Oh, most definitely.  But is it worth paying way over what something is worth just because it's what you always wanted or thought you wanted it?  I've been voting "no" for a couple years now, and finally I think he may be in agreement with me.

Whatever we do will be a couple years off.  My only qualm is the fact my grandparents will be here and it will be nearly impossible for them to come visit with the health they are in.  My other issue is I run around with my momma a lot, and if I live four to six hours away, that will not be as feasible.

For now, we will keep saving and doing what we are doing, but I have a creeping suspicion something bigger than we had imagined is going to work out for us and be better for our goals in the long run.


  1. I guess you could come to North Texas and fight the heat, skeeters and the wildlife we call Yankees.

  2. I fight the heat, skeeters and Yankees here, MDR! The later the main reason for the move! LOL

  3. They ain't makin' any more land, or relatives. Think hard!

    1. It will be a couple years off, unless the good Lord blesses us with a winning lottery ticket. In that case we would probably just buy enough land and move them all down on the same property. It's make it easier on all of us with every one close to pitch in and help.