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Monday, February 6, 2012

Like My Dog Does

  It may seem crazy to some, but my dogs are my babies.  They are apart of my family as much as my mom or dad.  They are on every birthday and Christmas card that comes out of this household.  I talk to them doing laundry.  I know their moods, and I know where they liked scratched.  And if it came between the choice of all but a handful of people and my babies, well, I'd grab two collars and be on my way.

To those who don't know the love of a dog, you are certainly stronger than I am.  At so many times in the last couple years, my dogs have been the only ones in my corner at so many times.  They've never told me I was wrong, or that I wasn't who I should be, and they have never broke my heart.  They are always there to cuddle or just lick my face.  It's amazing to me how one wet tongue can change your day.

Most would think that my dogs have it made.  My babies run this household, whether they realize it our not.  They determine vacations, how I do things.  If I can't take the dogs, it's not somewhere I want to go.  We don't go out a lot, and mainly that's because we want to stay here with the puppies.  
Before I allow myself to be sorry for myself, I always look at these babies and tell myself, "I will be thankful for what God has given me, which is more than most."  I think that is the mantra of my life: to try and see what I have instead of what I don't.  The more I say this to myself, the more I am grateful for what He has provided than feeling depressed about what I feel I haven't been privy to.  This may sound like hogwash, but I truly feel at times that these pups have been the tool that was used in my life to distract me from things that have brought some people into despair.

And I thank God for them, every single day he gives me with them.


  1. Im always remember that old bumper sticker, "the more I know people, the more I like my dog."

  2. I am JohnnyB's wife over at The Simple Life. I agree with you sooooo completely. I have an illness that does not allow me to go out in cold weather and where would I be without my "girls". They give unconditional love at all times and are my constant companions. There are few people you can say that about.
    another dog lover (Carol)

    1. Glad to meet you! The more people I meet, the more I love my puppies.