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Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm An Idiot

I had lots of comments, and hit 'delete' accidentally instead of 'publish'.  I am sorry, but I did read them.  I have a good excuse...I made rolls and cinnamon butter and was eating some when I almost dropped the roll and 'CLICK'.  If it helps I saved the roll.  They are so good I'd probably drop a baby before I drop this roll.  That's a joke, but lets not test it.

I hope everyone had a good St. Paddy's day.  IU won, so I did.  I was worried earlier when no one had posted on Facebook that some people went to jail, but they are starting to post now complaining about their hangovers.  I like to call New Year's Eve and St. Paddy's Day "amateur night" for a reason... people that never drink go out and drink more than even I should and then wonder why they are praying for death the next day.  They drink Gatorade and eat eggs and wonder why they still feel like they may be dying, when all they need to do is start drinking again and they will be good as new.  Forget propriety, you haven't seen the idiotic pictures you posted on Facebook at 2 a.m., but I have, so trust me, go ahead and crack a beer.

I did get up and mow first thing because it looked like rain.  So essentially after killing ourselves to cross tasks of a list yesterday, I am pretty much done with what I needed  am going to do today.

Wood planted some potatoes, but I am waiting on our onion sets that should come in Monday.  In January over-eagerness, I may or may not have ordered the equivalent of enough onions to feed the entire state.  For as intelligent as I am, simple math escapes me at times.  Hopefully I'll plant some carrots and spinach this week, too.

Has anyone seen the movie, The Eagle  ?  Don't.

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