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Friday, February 7, 2014

Blogger Sucks!

Log in today, and all the blogs I follow are gone!  I follow like 30 blogs!  I swear, Google+ has been the ruin of Blogger.  Hopefully, this gets sorted out rather quickly, but I was wanting to know if anyone else has had this problem?

Anywho, got a lot to do today, and will post later.

It's colder than hell here in Indiana.  Don't throw your Bibles at me, I know what the Good Book says, but I'm fairly certain I'm more scared of the cold than the heat.  


I only partially gave my husband a heart attack yesterday after chopping off my hair.  But let me tell ya, it's so nice not being bogged down by two tons of hair.  So nice!  And I got to catch up with my best friend of almost 25 years AND run into Walmart to get Vodka.  We are classy broads.




  1. The blogs that I follow routinely disappear and then later show back up on that main page. I think that if their system is slow it only has a few seconds to locate them and then if none shows up it tells you that you aren't following any blogs. "Please Try Again Later" is what it should say, hope your blogs show back up.

    1. They finally popped back up! Lord! Why does it do that?

    2. I thought that might be what it was doing, I think it is just over loaded and they don't allocate more resources.
      I forgot to mention, the hair looks good that length.

    3. Thanks, my friend said I look more sophisticated. As long as I don't open my mouth. :)