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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Spring is Coming!

The forecast after Friday: Increasing temps!  50 degree weather all next week.  Folks, I hope this isn't the usual Indiana trick.  You know, it warms up mid-February, then 2 weeks later we have 2 inches of ice?

Lord don't let it be that.
Wood has all kinds of deadly peppers started in this kitchen.  I say deadly because you can't even buy pepper plants around here this hot.  He makes all kinds of good stuff: his own aged hot sauce, more salsa than you can even fathom, bloody Mary mix, hot pepper seasoning, and habanero relish.  I think he may can more than I do.

I will probably prune the apple trees this weekend before it warms up, and maybe go ahead and get some deer repellent around them and the peach and persimmon trees.

I can't wait until summer!


  1. It's snowing like a you-know-what in central Illinois and heading into Indiana....

    1. It started here about 11 and it's not good. But I kinda feel like it's not FEET of blowing snow like it has been, so I guess that is something.

  2. Last year's extremely late freeze almost got us. There were two hard freezes after our Spring was supposed to have started with the last one hitting us around May 5th. The only things we'd already put out were tomatoes. We scrounged up all the big coffee containers, planting pots and even buckets to cover them (twice) The neighbor wasn't so lucky. She replanted her tomatoes twice. And then gave up. It worked out ok though because we had a bumper crop and kept her in tomatoes all season.
    Mars loves the hot peppers too. I've got some devilishly hot pepper seed that I'll be starting soon. Could you/he share the aged hot sauce recipe and the seasoning mix or is it a family secret?
    Take Care,

    1. It's no family secret, because the only people in the entire family that can cook is me and my husband and my dad. As soon as Wood gets a minute I will post how he does it. I do now that a ton of hotter than Hades peppers, vinegar, salt and an aging process are involved, but it doesn't seem at all labor-intensive. I will get you the recipes.