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Thursday, February 6, 2014

This Morning

I am sitting at my table, enjoying my view of God's County, which is currently a frozen tundra.  But I can handle it today, because I don't have to leave my house for the next five days.  That makes me unspeakably happy. We had a "winter storm" and Woody had to take and pick me up from work, so he spent no less that about five hours chauffeuring me around.

My View.  Pretty until you drive 54 miles to work and it -1245 degrees out.

It's been a long two weeks at work, and I'm glad I had put in for some time off because I have been running on steam for the last week.  And since my birthday and The Walking Dead come back all in the same weekend, seemed like a good idea.

The only for sure plans I have are to maybe brave going to get fabric to finish Sugarbean's (my niece) quilt.  I have been putting it off now long enough.  It keeps me up at night.  I am terrified of trying to quilt that behemoth on the sewing machine, because I have never done it.  And when I say terrified, I mean not able to sleep over it and having various stomach complaints.  But finish it I must.  I may need a drink for this.

I have pretty much been bombarding Sugarbean with Aunt Mandy's homemade stuff.  I got a new sewing machine for Christmas, and frankly, the fact it does everything scares me at times.  I figure before I know it, she won't want to wear the pretties Aunt Mandy makes her, so I better enjoy it while I can.  She's the only little baby I have to spoil, and kids grow up so fast.  At 13 now they are like 21.  I told my mom we should just homeschool her or maybe put her in a bubble, but I don't think I'm making a compelling argument at this point.  If it ever isn't winter again, I also need to finish the play house project I started for her.  I bought a hideous Little Tykes plastic Victorian playhouse that I am redoing (read: spray painting the shit out of)  I got near the end and was about to prime the sucker when winter hit at the beginning of October, so none of the paint got sealed, and now has to be redone.  So that gets to be redone the first sign of spring.  I will say this, we drove an hour to get the sucker and Wood wasn't listening to me thought it was heavy enough to not fly out of the bed of the truck.  Five minutes later, the thing flew out of the bed of the truck and smashed on the highway.  Darn playhouse was still intact with only a few minor scuffs.

Wood modeling the !&$% hat my dad wanted.

I also finished the Hat of Doom my dad wanted.  I can crochet and all, but this darn hat pattern was cursed.  It's a whole lot of counting that effing don't have the patience for took forever, and I tore the whole think out to the starting chain at least 5 times.  It didn't help matters that my dad wanted a camo hat, so we had to look around Hobby Lobby for an hour to find something suitable.  All we found close was yarn made from bamboo that is a bitch environmentally sustainable and made me want to punch Al Gore and Obama in the throat.

Me and Sugarbean a few months ago.  Hair is much longer and much more unruly.

I also am cutting my hair (that is now to my butt) because Wood complains about water and shower length.  Which is fine, it takes forever to wash a foot and a half of hair.  He likes long hair, I grew long hair.  He likes shorter showers, this hair likes being shorter.  I haven't actually come right out and told him I'm lopping it off, but I'm sure he'll notice.

I got some laundry, some housecleaning, and some dog biscuits to make.  But right now, I really don't want to do any of it.  I'd like to pretend that I have nothing to do and curl up on the couch with my little beeby love.  He gets me.

We are also trying not to use anymore natural gas or propane than we have to because there is a "shortage".  Funny how there is also a shortage on salt, so they aren't even treating I70 or I65 or any other godforsaken interstate.  (We live like 30 minutes from the nearest interstate, but both me and mom require the interstate to get to work).  Just ridiculous.  We are burning through wood faster than the National Deficit is increasing.

What does Wood say about this?  "It's all damn Obama's fault."


  1. Thank God AMC decided to give you THE WALKING DEAD for your birthday. I wish that when the new ones start, they'd not take a break so quickly and just make it a steady series. That's not asking too much.

    Now, when you get to the middle of the quilt, ROLL the edge close to the machine. Folding it doesn't work, and you'll end up LIFTING your sewing machine into the air!

    In case you don't know about this trick: NEVER USE PINS to hold the layers. (if you're going to be using a backing. Use a BASTING SPRAY. It's a light glue made for holding material together without using pins. This way, your layers won't scootch around on you.

    PLUS (if you can handle one more tip) I've found it's best to run the first quilting down the middle. It gets the worst behind you, and helps steady up the quilt. other tip......I stopped quilting after I turned the sewing machine over onto the floor, with me and the quilt hanging on. *sigh*

    1. I agree! Just keep them coming, this wait to find out what has happened is giving me sleepless nights.

      I seen those basting pins and knew I would impale myself so I bought 2 large cans of 505 basting spray.

      I love the idea about starting in the middle. Get the worst done and out of the way so maybe I can stop fretting so.

  2. If you have not processed your hair, you can sell it or donate it. Hair must be ten inches to sell or donate. That would help you buy more wood to stay warm, gas for driving, or something special. Your hair is very pretty.

    1. I process my hair. It's a curly mess, and it naturally is a very weird shade of brown that is not golden in the sun, but a bluish green. It's been processed as soon as I was old enough to walk to the drug store. Ended up cutting 9 inches off, and my husband looked like he was going to throw up when I came home. :)