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Friday, February 14, 2014

Why A Bunch of Broads Shouldn't Work Together (Alternate Title: Why I Am So Pissed Off)

I have been in health care since I was 15, was a pharmacy tech for 4 years, and have been a nurse since I was 20.  That's almost a decade and a half of wonder why in the name of all that's holy would I choose this?  Don't get me wrong, I love my job.  I really, really do. And I kick ass at it.  But I am telling you what all this experience has taught me:  Women can't work together, and therefore, can't run shit.

Please don't start with feminist tirades, because frankly, they fall short.  I think we should be able to vote and own property and all that jazz, but let me tell you, anyone barking for a female president is an idiot.

Let me offer some evidence.

Anyone who has any experience in health care, let along the dreaded long-term care, is a freaking liar if they don't tell you it's a damn snake pit.  The worst work environment I have ever been witnessed to, was an estrogen-driven cluster fuck they called administration.  Everybody ragged on everybody, and everyone ragged at the same time.  I seen more employees cry at my short stint in that hell hole then I saw when I did end of life care.

Why?  Because women are the most self-conscious people in the world.  They don't like it if you offer constructive criticism, because they think you are criticizing them.  You ask them to help with something, you are nagging. You don't blow sunshine up their asses, you aren't being supportive. They tear each other up.  Wild animals have not inflicted the kind of shit on their young in the history of the world, that woman do to each other in the workplace.  And last, but not least, they spend too much time picking everything everyone says apart, and whispering about it behind closed doors.

Have I been guilty of this in the past?  Yes, I was once an insecure 15-year-old.  But I am a grown woman now.  I could care less what anyone else looks like, because I am married, am a good husband ain't going no where.  I've never been a person who needs to feel like the prettiest, but I can tell you I have been the one with the most commonsense more often than not.  I learned at my first job as a nurse, no good comes from befriending the natives of the nursing home.  Keep your head down, for God's sake don't offer any constructive criticism (you are only going to be targeted or make more work for yourself), and don't talk to anyone unless it directly relates to the job you have to do.

My favorite expression, and the one that I inevitably repeat to my employees at least once a week is this: Stay in your lane! HONK! HONK!  That means, if you are worried about what you are doing, then you don't have time to worry what everyone else is not doing.

Most recently, having a lot of experience, I offered some suggestions.  You know what it got me? A pain in the ass.

Someone should've shouted at me:



  1. Really, Mandy, you should just give us an honest assessment of how you feel about the situation.

    Okay, I work much better with men than with women. Women do not want to hear anything, even when they ask. I just try to stay under the radar. I get along fine with women outside the workplace.

    1. But what I want to know is why women act like that? Are we that insecure that we just flat out can't be wrong? I get along with men better than women too, because men tend to have more commonsense and not fly off the handle. I just would like, for once, to work in a female driven environment were everyone isn't wanting to tear into to one another and cry.

  2. Women are bitches. But what I find incredulous is that the job I currently hold (for 15 years now)...all off the women actually get along. We like each other. It's unprecedented. It's completely out of character. Do we have our moments? Of course. But all in all it's just freaky that we don't hate each other. I honestly don't get it.


    1. Me neither, but I may be a little jealous of you now.

  3. When I worked in a mixed sex office, the women spent their time in the bathroom bashing whoever wasn't in the bathroom.

    I next worked with 82 men only. NEVER a problem until another woman was hired, and she ended up showing how she could crush beer cans between her ass cheeks....naked, of course.

    I now am surrounded by women older than God and they never change.

    1. With her ASS? Naked?! WHY?!

      And I know they don't get better, the women I work with range from 30 to 55, all trash-talking SOBs. Annoying!

    2. Why? Because she could....And her new boobs were always available for viewing.

    3. I guess what astounds me is HOW she knew she had this "talent". Like, was she just sitting around one day, drinking beer and decided to stick the can between her cheeks? And people wonder why I am anti-social.