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Sunday, March 9, 2014

I have far too much ADD to get anything accomplished anymore...

Thinking it would kick my ass into high gear, I scheduled my final.  Now I don't have to concentration necessary to study.  Oh well, I'll either pass it or I won't.  I blame it on increasing amounts of sunshine and the fact that spring is right around to corner.

So I mix studying (a little) with a few (a lot) of internet games.  Because I am a nerd.  Yesterday I woke up and worked out, went to the grocery, and proclaimed it a "lazy day".  So my husband and I grilled a pork loin, drank bourbon and watched some of Season 1 of Bates Motel.  Oh and ate a pound of pork cracklins.  I work about 5 minutes down the road from Fountain City, and they have a HUGE Amish deli/grocery there, and I may be just the tiniest bit addicted.  They have everything, and more importantly, they have SAMPLES of everything.  Just don't buy the butter pecan syrup, it tastes nothing like IHOP.

At any rate, it's Sunday and therefore WALKING DEAD DAY.  My husband has been complaining that this season isn't as interesting as last season.  He apparently fell asleep during the whole Beth/Daryl bit last Sunday. (Can you believe that, by the way?).  I keep telling him, due to the explosiveness of last season's ending, all our people are now spread out and (Thankfully) still alive.  So the episodes are going to be spaced out, because lets face it, if they tried to follow all of them every episode it would be like Days of Our Lives.

All's I got to say is, when shit hits the fan, I hope to hell I get to be Beth.


  1. I agree with your husband. It is now THE YOUNG AND THE REST OF US.

    BETH WANTS A DRINK. And the golf course had none, but the trailer was overflowing. There is no way in hell a person's first gulp of moonshine does not result in gagging, choking, and being unable to breathe. And she drank DARYL under the table. I believe in zombies more than I believe in these last BORING episodes. ( I want Beth to be zombie nuggets)

    1. I want Maggie and her husband gone. They bore me. Anything with Daryl does NOT bore me. LOL. And come on, really? She'd have been throwing up though!

  2. I was bored LAST season! I quit halfway through and haven't watched this one at all. But let's just say I always want a drink so I think I'll go get some wine.

    Happy Sunday!